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There Are 100+ Cities Places That You Could Buy With Your Current Rent

These are the median home prices in 100 these cities and towns compared with the median rent. If you live in one of these places, you can buy a home with your rent money, even if you have a typical 10% down payment saved.
Lombard, Illinois: $2621 monthly rent vs. median home price of $630K – 120X annual rent!
Tigard, Oregon: $2427 monthly rent vs. median home price of $449K – 84X annual rent!
Alhambra, California: $2397 monthly rent vs. median home price of $549K – 83X annual rent!

There’s a new way to figure out which homes nearby you could actually buy instead of rent.

It’ll show you the total price, and whether a mortgage is cheaper than renting, so you can make your own informed decision.

You’ll have the info you need to pick where you want to live, rather than where you need to.

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