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Houses can sell quickly or take a long time. Some factors that can affect the sale of a house are the price, condition, location and whether it’s been used as a rental property.

11. Fiberglass grand entrance

Front door of a home
Alaettin YILDIRIM /

Average cost: $10,044

Return on investment: 60.9%

This home improvement is aboutย widening your doorway and adding a new door with half-glass sidelights. With this new grand entrance, you can expect the resale value to increase by about $6,116.

10. Composite deck addition

Man installing composite decking boards
ronstik /

Average cost: $22,426

Return on investment: 63.2%

As described by Remodeling Magazine, thisย simple deck replacementย uses a linear pattern and adds a built-in bench and planter.

Composite deck material is used, and the project includes three stairs and a railing.

9. Steel entry door replacement

Worker installing a lock on the front door of a home
ungvar /

Average cost: $2,082

Return on investment: 65.0%

Replacing a front door with a steel doorย and a new lockset provides the opportunity to spruce things up when it comes to curb appeal. This improvement features a clear, dual-pane half-glass panel.

8. Wood deck addition

Celestine Rae holding a light bulb
Rido /

Average cost: $16,766

Return on investment: 65.8%

According to the report, thisย 16-by-20-foot wood deck additionย provides a better return than a composite deck addition, increasing the resale value of your home by $11,038. Plus, it costs less than the composite deck.

7. Wood window replacement

Winter view through a wood window
CTatiana /

Average cost: $23,219

Return on investment: 67.4%

This projectย to replace 10 existing 3-by-5-foot double-hung windows uses insulated,ย low-emissivity windows, which have a special coating that reflects heat to help regulate indoor temperatures.

The interior window is trimmed in stained hardwood. The exterior adds to curb appeal with an aluminum cladding that is custom-color matched to the existing trim.


6. Vinyl siding replacement

Construction workers installing vinyl siding on a house in Los Angeles, California
mediandrew /

Average cost: $16,576

Return on investment: 68.3%

This is another curb appeal project that can boost your ability to get a little more of your money back when you make an upgrade.

Remodeling Magazineย suggests making sure a water-resistant barrier, like a house wrap, is installed below the new siding.

5. Vinyl window replacement

Man opening a window
Vitaliy Hrabar /

Average cost: $19,385

Return on investment: 68.6%

Sometimes the material makes a difference in your ability to recover more from an upgrade.

This can be true of window replacements as well as deck additions. Choosing vinyl over wood can potentially cost less and recoup more of the expense, asย this projectย suggests, when replacing 10 existing windows with insulated, low-emissivity, vinyl ones.

4. Fiber-cement siding replacement

Man installing fibrous cement siding on a home
Christina Richards /

Average cost: $19,626

Return on investment: 69.4%

Replacing home sidingย with a fiber-cement product isย likely to cost moreย than using vinyl.

However, according to the Cost vs.ย Value Report, you’re likely to recoup a greater portion of the cost by enjoying an increase in the value of your home.

3. Minor kitchen remodel (midrange)

Couple cooking at home
Monkey Business Images /

Average cost: $26,214

Return on investment: 72.2%

This is the only upgrade on thisย listย that is an interior project, rather than an exterior project.

Remodeling Magazine shows thatย making rather minor changes, such as replacing the range and fridge and changing the cabinet fronts and counters, pays you back better than most projects. Also included: a new midrange-priced sink and faucet.

If you opt to replace the cabinets instead of just the fronts, you might want to check out the American Woodmark or Ikea Sektion collection. They earned the highest customer satisfaction ratings in J.D. Power’s Kitchen Cabinets Satisfaction Study in 2020, as reported in โ€œ4 Kitchen Cabinet Brands Earn High Marks From Homeowners.โ€

2. Manufactured stone veneer

Exterior of a house with stone veneer
Artazum /

Average cost: $10,386

Return on investment: 92.1%

This Remodeling Magazine projectย includes removing a band of siding from the bottom facadeย and replacing it with a manufactured stone veneer. The resale value attached to this project is $9,571, resulting in the potential to recoup slightly more than 92% of what you spent.

1. Garage door replacement

Man opening his garage door with a remote control
GagoDesign /

Average cost: $3,907

Return on investment: 93.8%

Topping the list for the best return on investment is another curb appeal project.

Spend less than $4,000 toย replace the garage door, including the tracks, and you could enhance your curb appeal as well as see a return on investment of more than 93%, which is better than all other projects in this study.

Appraisers look atย the size, shape and topography of the lot, including easements and encroachments. The appraiser will also note amenities such as street utilities and vehicular access. Part of the evaluation processย includes an opinion of whether the home’sย characteristics are compatible with the market.

Home values in Blaine, MN

Blaineย is aย cityย inย Minnesotaย and consists ofย 9ย neighborhoods.ย There areย 477ย homes for sale, ranging fromย \$99.9Kย toย \$2.3M.

  • $399.9K

    Median Listing Home Price

  • $182

    Median Listing Home Price/Sq Ft

  • $372K

    Median Sold Home Price

Neighborhoods in Blaine, MN

Medianย Listing
Home Price
For Sale
For Rent

Blaine, MN Housing Market

In April 2022, the median listing home price in Blaine, MN was \$389.9K, trending up 8.3% year-over-year. The median listing Home Price per square foot was \$175. The median home sold price was \$370K.

The typical home value of homes in Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington Metro is $369,107, up 12.3% over the past year.ย Home prices will continue to rise in the next twelve months. Minneapolis home values have gone up 5.9% (current = \$338,040) over the past year and will continue to rise in the next twelve months.

ย  0 Children 0 Children
Living Wage $18.74 $14.49
Poverty Wage $6.19 $4.19
Minimum Wage $10.33 $10.33

Blaine, MN is a seller’s marketย in April 2022, which means that there are more people looking to buy than there are homes available.

The Twin Cities metro has one of the lowest housing vacancy rates anywhere in the nation โ€” worse than notoriously unaffordable San Jose. The vacancy rate reflects the basics of supply and demandย that’s driving housing prices up across the Twin Cities.

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