Why work with The Van Mill Real Estate Team?

About Us

Why work with the Van Mill Team?

About Us Is more than just experience.

Our team understands the importance of having a personalized experience for each one of our clients.

We are constructed of hardworking individuals who know that our success is only possible by putting our client’s best interests first. Each member of our team is passionate, honest and has conviction.  Our team will work persistently with you to find the perfect home, or tell you what it is going to take to sell your home and we will work hard to do so.

The Van Mill Team helps one another and has supporting staff.

This allows us to provide the highest level of customer service to each one of our customers. Since the logistics of buying/selling real estate can be complex, it is great to have an experienced and passionate staff to ensure to our customers that we do not miss any details and to also provide a smooth process.

About us and our communication and compassion are what make us successful and our reputation great.

We understand that buying and selling homes can be stressful. You should seek an agent who is patient and will work closely with you through the ups and downs.  Our compassion and honesty allow for open communication on both sides.  We want to ensure each one of our clients feels comfortable expressing their needs, wants and concerns.

About us we give back to the community. The Van Mill Real Estate Team makes a $100 donation in our client’s names for each transaction we close on.

“Creating Opportunities, Changing Lives”
Real Estate is more than just an occupation. To the Van Mill Team, it’s a passion, duty, and calling. Through this vocation, we have the chance to change lives because we know that owning a home embodies pride, freedom, security, stability, and financial opportunity. This aspiration of home ownership is what declares our purpose as a team.

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