Andover MN – Superb Neighborhoods  – Fabulous Homes

Just north of the twin city area that’s easily accessible with an excellent Metro rail system. This splendid town has the close feel of the city without all the noise.

Many Minnesota communities have all the classic trappings of a perfect place to call home, but a selective few have a quality of life so alluring it’s hard to ignore. But Andover MN is a truly authentic area that provides a perfect blend of country living opportunities and exceptional school districts. With a well-educated population that is active and well put-together, Andover MN is an excellent suburb. The town has a population of around 15,000 people, and is made up of a variety of different neighborhoods.

There are so many excellent neighborhoods in Andover MINNESOTA. is one turnkey site you can use to shop the most popular listings in the area. There are a number of wonderful neighborhoods to live in north. There’s also a terrific selection of homes for sale right now – waiting for buyers to come and visit and purchase their next dream home.

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