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Bethel MN Real Estate New Listings

Bethel MN is a 1 square mile City located in northern Anoka County. Our neighbors include St. Francis and East Bethel. We are about 30 miles north of Minneapolis.

Bethel MN is home to 466 residents and 186 households. The City is comprised of residential neighborhoods, affordable rental properties, a traditional Main Street and our very own Brewery. Residents enjoy small town living surrounded by nature. Packed in our “1 Square Mile of Smiles” we have Sandshore Lake and the Bethel Wildlife Management Area (WMA).

Bethel MN WMA Description: Bethel WMA is 756 acres in size and is managed for a variety of waterfowl, woodland and grassland wildlife. It consists of roughly 2/3 wetland and wooded wetland, 1/4 upland woodland and the remainder is grassland.

This is a good area to see a sand plain prairie planting on the west end. Much of the remainder of the area is extensive cattail and shrub swamp. Much of it is accessible on foot, but bring your hip boots.

Wheelchair access is limited to the township road on the north and the county road to the south.

The large shrub swamp offers opportunities to separate yourself from other hunters in the fall and a place for cross country skiing or snowshoeing in solitude in the winter.

Game Species: Deer, Bear, Small Game, Forest Upland Birds, Pheasants, Waterfowl, TurkeyWe welcome comments on this WMA’s facilities or habitat conditions. For more information on this WMA, contact the Area Wildlife office at 651-539-3307.

City Hall

City hall is located in the Sandhill Center for the Arts

23820 Dewey Street  Our phone number is 763-434-4366

Our office hours are Monday through Thursday 9AM to 6PM.  Closed on Fridays and Holidays

This is also our polling place location in Bethel MN

Bethel City Park

We have a great little park in Bethel MN.  Residents may rent the pavillon for family events, or a ball game.
We charge $50.  Contact City Hall if you would like to rent the field or pavilion. 

Did you know the fire department has an aluminum can trailer collection at the park?
Why not recycle your cans and give to a great cause all at the same time!

Anoka County Sheriff

Anoka County Sheriff Department is our contracted police protection.
Please call 911 if you have an emergency or to report suspecious activity in town.
If you see something that is not right, or vandals are in the park up to trouble, please call the police.
For non-emergency matters you can call Anoka County Dispatch at (763) 427-1212. 
Please report lost or found animals to the dispatch number, animal complaints should also be reported to dispatch.


Bethel MN has a leash law. All pets should be on a leash or kept in your yard at all times.
Dogs are required to have a city license which is issued each year. $5 if spayed or neutered, $10 if not.
Lifetime Dog License is the best way to go. $25 if fixed, $50 if not.
Please remember to keep rabies shots updated and give City Hall a copy for your file.

Did you know that if you lose your dog and he/she has a city tag we can find the owner by the license tag number?

BETHEL MN  – Many people are taking advantage of time at home with projects around the house. In fact, a group in Bethel, Minnesota teamed up to create something for the entire community.

At least once a week for the last few months, the Bethel Trail Squad has made it their mission to keep a city park clean and well-groomed. Now, the Bethel haunted forest is ready to raise a few spirits.javascript:false

Bethel MN volunteers turn former dump into miles of nature trails

Many people are taking advantage of this time at home with projects around the house. In fact, a group in Bethel, Minnesota teamed up to create something for the entire community.

“It’s the work of four or five people with trimmers and chainsaws and making a nice trail you can navigate,” said Bethel City Council Member Richard Wiitala.

Since they weren’t commuting to work every day after the pandemic started, Wiitala and a handful of other residents found themselves with some extra time on their hands. So, they volunteered to create five miles of trails in an 80-acre parcel of land for walkers, hikers, and cyclists to get closer to nature.

“It was pretty raw and untouched. This was a city dump at one point during prohibition. Other than being used for haunted trails that used to happen once a year, it’s probably been untouched for close to 30 years,” he said.

There are still remnants of the sets from the fire department’s annual Halloween tradition scattered throughout the trails, but city leaders say there’s nothing scary about the fact that something positive came from the statewide lockdown that caused many to look for outdoor activities.

National Night to Unite

National Night to Unite is always the 1st Tuesday in August at the Bethel City Park.

It is a fun time to gather the community at the park to meet each other, city staff, city council, police and firefighters. 

Play some games, win some cool prizes and share a free meal and root beer float.  6PM -8PM

Clean Up Days are held twice a year at Lepage & Sons in Bethel. If your items can be recycled there is no charge. There is a cost to dispose of garbage items that cannot be recycled. The hours are always the same 8:00 AM until 12:00 NOON  Sharp4th Saturday in April and the 4th Saturday in September!  Don’t forget!  See you there!

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