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Who Are iBuyers?

Photo by lalesh aldarwish on iBuying is the latest trend in the home buying and selling industryβ€”a method of instantly garnering offers for a home, and selling within minutes or days of posting. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of iBuying could potentially save your clients thousands of dollars. Objectives Identify iBuying concepts, pros and cons, and how to assist...

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How does Opendoor work | Opendoor – How it works | iBuyer

Ibuyers what are they? How do they work? And should you use them to sell your home? So first things first what is an Ibuyer? An Ibuyer is a company such as Zillow or Opendoor that buys homes directly from homeowners without the use of a real estate agent. What they're touting is an easy seamless transaction. Some of the benefits of using an Ibuyer are you get an instant offer, you don't have to deal...

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