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How To Sell Your House Fast (Under 5 Days!)🏑

How To Sell Your House Fast (Under 5 Days!)🏑 We recently sold a home in Coon Rapids Minnesota. In four days and $5,000 above asking price today. I want to tell you guys how I did that and how you can do it as well. Stay tuned so I work with a lot of sellers and they often tell me "sell my house fast" They have some kind of time deadlines that they need to get their home sold quickly They don't want...

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How to Determine Property Value | Home Valuation Like a Pro

How to Determine Property valueIn a perfect world you'd be looking for properties in a cookie-cutter neighborhood with tons of recent sales to choose from, and everything would be sunshine and rainbows. But this is the real world that, unfortunately, it's not always that easy. How do you know you have deal?So how do you even know you have a deal unless you know what it's worth in this article go through...

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I Buy Ugly Houses

I Buy Ugly Houses No matter where you live, you have actually most definitely seen them I Buy Ugly Houses Signs. Stopped at a red light, you glance over at the pathway. Your eyes reach a telephone post as well as, taking a trip upward, they pick an intense indication boldly proclaiming, "I acquire unsightly houses!" Or, searching the newspaper classifieds one morning, you can't aid however discover the...

Are you looking to sell your home in 2022?

Are you looking to sell your home in 2022? If so, there are a few things you can do to get started. First, you may want to find a real estate agent to help you sell your home. Second, you may want to start by taking some pictures of your home and putting them online. Third, you may want to make some repairs to your home to make it more sellable. Fourth, you may want to wait until the right time to...


Tips To Sell Your Home Fast and at a higher Price

A professional Realtor. 1. He is very careful about how he photos and picks the best photos to go online or on the multiple listing service. 2. It is often best if the home owner is not home. 3. All repairs should be finished, and house should be clean and presentable. All yards and landscaping should be clean and free of debris. We do all the work, that most Realtors are much too lazy to do....

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What taxes do I have to pay if I sell my home and rent another?

Depending which country you’re located in, but if it’s Canada or the United States, buying another home has nothing to do with the taxability of the gain on the sale of your principal residence. Both countries only require that the property you sell be your principal residence. Although they have slightly different rules around what constitutes a principal residence, in a practical sense,...

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