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TOP 3 TIPS from a Divorce Realtor

TOP 3 TIPS from a Divorce Realtor

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I m excited to have you here today to talk a bout, a couple questions we have regarding divorce regarding real estate. Im Brad Van Mill. Let’s have fun
Question number 1 Should I use Zillow and the Zestimate to figure out the price of my home.
What do you think about the Zestimate? That’s good!
That’s a good question: Zestimate is an exciting piece right from Zillow Your question. Well,
it kind of depends. Everyone says it depends, but really the Zestimate.
Well, i would take with a grain of salt. The best thing that i can always tell people is: if they
really want to look at the details and they’re into the Zestimate, you can actually go on
Zillow and you can click down and it’ll show you the properties that they’re kind of using for
their comparative Number to come up with their number, so it’s the COMPS
The comps is what’s helping it Well yeah, so it’s driving from comparable sales things that
are pending things that maybe are off market, but are similar properties. So it’s not it’s.
I wouldn’t say it’s fully accurate because it’s just taking it from a computer generated
intelligence. It’s driving it from the best thing to do, particularly in a divorce situation. I
would think they want to get as accurate as possible. Yeah, no, absolutely right. So two

2 options: 1 ) is, they could do what’s called the CMA, a comparative market analysis and
that’s where you would just bring in a real estate agent like myself come in, we would
actually we know exactly.

What’s sold, we’ve seen all the homes in the area. So we can provide a very accurate
assessment of what that price is. That’s first,
2 ) Second thing is: you can actually go, get an appraisal and that’s from a certified
appraiser. We don’t do appraisals, but you can get a certified appraiser to come in and they
will actually follow appraisal standards to come up with a number. So those are two options.
I probably recommend the Zestimate, i think is you’re, just just looking for something check
out Zillow and you see it and it feels good and you feel good looking at it but accuracy. I
think you’re going to have to really look at the CMA or an appraiser-. It sounds like an air
freshener to me. ..

Like the ` Zzzestimate . ..'', I don't know like I'm going to get the vanilla, scented or the zestimate. I don't know, but so many people in divorces and just looking to buy a home they're they they go to that they go to zillow's huge. It's it's. The 800 pound gorilla in the room, so it's there and this estimate. So what I'M hearing is it's helpful, but you need to do a little bit more homework. I think it just depends on your situation right. So if you really need something accurate and something that you can take either in front of a judge or in front of a mediator or those are the things that you're going to want to have something that's more than just hey. I printed it off my printer and here's what the adjustment says. So this is how much my homework all right. I tell you - and it's probably similar in your situation, but you know I'll tell you a story, a little story here, so I've had a number of clients that have been going through a divorce horrible thing. So one time I was called to do a listing presentation and I go and sit down with both both parties we're sitting there didn't know it was a divorce situation at all. Didn't think about that at all we sit at the table and the first thing out of one of the one of the party's mouth is so... I just want to let you know that we've decided to get a divorce well unbeknownst to the house BY THE WAY right, sound unbeknownst to the husband didn't know that was going to be. They hadn't fully talked about that, so he was a little surprised **! Oh so the husband didn't even know: ** Right he wasn't really planning for that one, so so yeah. So that was so. I obviously it's not the most uh a little awkward there, but but anyway, so that was a that was a story, but I have dealt with a number of divorce situations and that was probably the most awkward one. So this is legit like when I asked him that question. I thought it was going to be more from the perspective, but I mean that so not only does It happens in the context. You know as a divorce lawyer that we get people that have already decided on a divorce, but they need to sell it and then there's issues and my number one suggestion is: keep an open line of communication with your spouse and then also with your realtor. Okay. Make sure your realtor knows, because you don't want that to happen, that is, it can just create a lots of issues and then there's differing agendas from both sides. So just be open, be honest. Tell your realtor! What's going on Let's do this Okay, so we have question number three: right-and, that's home ownership, and how do you split up assets in a divorce? Okay, so like? If you have a dog, a house yeah and like what do you, i mean. How does that work? Here's the crazy thing all right, so a lot of people don't know this in Minnesota, dogs are property, as is a home. You know and that's the way that the courts look at it, and sometimes people call us about like custody of an animal or something they're. Both property, so animals and house, so you kind of got to look at It s the same way that you know you're, dividing property and usually the home.

The marital home is the biggest one, is the biggest thing that they go to, except for you know if
there's a large retire mentor, some type of investment or a business. But you really got to
hit that one hard and you got to make sure that you are figuring it out and it's it. It's not the
same in every case, but talk to an attorney think about it. Think about what you want to do.

If you're going to stay
If you're going to go, but it's big, it's a big big part of a lot of work and what you deal with
yeah. Do you find that most people want to try it like one? One spouse will keep the home.
The other spouse wants the money out of it. They want to sell it all.
I mean because I've been on the other side, where it's mostly everyone want. You know
they're looking to sell it. Obviously yeah. What's the bet? Is there a better situation to do
one or the other?

If you can afford to buy the other person out? You know, then that might be the best way to
go. Okay and if you got kids and you want to keep the kids there understandable, but
sometimes for us and what I'll tell clients a lot of times is some times a FRESH start is good.
Sometimes A clean break and just sell it.
So there's equity to split you don't want to be splitting debt, that's what i was doing 10
years ago.

So, right now, splitting equity you're able to start new start fresh go on. You know to find a
great realtor find a great broker to help you out with your real estate, needs and get a new
house and start from there. But if you want to keep it it's just figuring out, you know it's
running through the calculator figuring out. What's the best way to do it, and how can you
split up the debt and the equity in it? That's great
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