Flat Fee MLS Listing

Flat Fee MLS Listing

So you want to sell your house well, there are two main ways to do it. You can do it yourself by owner or you can hire a real estate agent, but why pay six percent commission, when you don’t have to be sure you want the marketing exposure that you get from the MLS when you hire a real estate agent?

The MLS is a database that thousands of real estate agents use to search for available properties for their buyers, but who wants to pay a big commission fee or be locked into a long-term listing agreement and, let’s face it, they may just place a sign in your Front yard listed on the MLS and wait for some other agent or buyer to sell or find it.

Flat Fee MLS Listing On the other hand, you can save a ton of money selling it yourself without paying a six percent commission fee. The problem here is your property: just doesn’t get the exposure it needs.

You need your property in front of as many active buyers as possible. So now what imagine, if you could get both the marketing power and exposure of the local MLS and still save thousands of dollars in commission fees? Well, now you can List Your Property Today with our MN Flat Fee MLS Listing Plans onΒ the Local Realtor MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and Realtor.com for a Low Flat Fee. Your Home For Sale will also be listed For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Pay 0%Β Commission ifΒ Buyer Does Not have an RealtorΒ or up to 3% If Buyer has a Real Estate Agent!Β 

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