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Saint Cloud, MN Real Estate & Homes For Sale

New Listings  235 -28.6% Closed Sales  263  – 22.0% Median Sales Price*$270,000 Average Sales Price* $304,514 Price Per Square Foot* $ $152 Percent of Original List Price Received* 101.0% Days on Market Until Sale 23 30 + 30.4% 34 31 -8.8% Inventory of Homes for Sale 340   -13.3% Months Supply of Inventory 1.6  0.0% ST Cloud, MN is the home of many great families who live in its suburbs. There are so many houses for sale near ST Cloud MN that you can find with a quick search on any real estate website. If you live in one of the suburbs and are looking for a house to buy, then you should definitely look at these listings as they range from tiny starter homes to big mansions with sprawling lawns and all-around beautiful scenery. Purchasing a house in Saint Cloud is a great choice for those who would like to live in one of the most popular cities in Minnesota. Saint Cloud has an abundance of things to do for all ages, and the city has many different types of housing available. The average cost for a home in Saint Cloud ranges from $250,000 to $400,000 depending on the size and quality of the home. Families with children will find that there are plenty of schools nearby as well as parks, lakes and other recreational areas perfect for kids!

Saint Cloud Real Estate And Homes For Sale

St Cloud MN is a wonderful place to live, and the homes for sale in Saint Cloud MN are affordable and move-in ready. The area offers many amenities that make life easier, such as excellent schools, easy access to shopping and entertainment options, great healthcare, parks and green spaces for recreation. Saint Cloud has seen an influx of new people due to the employment opportunities. If you’re looking for a home in this area, we recommend you start your search with The Van Mill Real Estate group. Saint Cloud MN is a wonderful place to live with many great amenities such as excellent schools, easy access to shopping and entertainment options, great healthcare plus more! This city has seen an influx of new people due to the employment opportunities making it one of the best places around! When looking for a house in this area we recommend you start your search with The Van Mill Group!

Average Home Price in Saint Cloud MN

The average home in the city of ST Cloud MN is around $265,000, which is a bargain compared to the national average. You will find a variety of homes for sale near ST Cloud MN that are zoned commercial. These homes offer plenty of space and amenities and provide you with a great investment opportunity to make some money while still living in your property.

Saint Cloud MN Population

ST Cloud MN is a vibrant suburb of Minneapolis and the surrounding area. The city has a population of 61,000 and is located in central Minnesota. It’s most famous for being the home base for the Minnesota State University, St. Cloud. There are many houses for sale near ST Cloud MN which make it an appealing place to live as well as invest in property.

Homes for sale near ST Cloud MN

There are a variety of homes for sale near ST Cloud MN. One such house is the property at 58818 Clearwater County Road 7, Clearwater MN. It’s located in the heart of Lake Wobegon, and features an open floor plan with a large kitchen and dining area, an original hardwood floors, and two bedrooms. There’s also a bonus room that can be used as a bedroom or office space. The lot size is just under one acre, which means there’s plenty of room to roam around outside!

Saint Cloud Duplexes And Multi-Family Homes For Sale

Saint Cloud Duplexes are popular in the area and can be affordable. They are a great way for families to save money on rent, or for someone who wants to invest into property but has not yet been able to afford a house. There is no need for any type of mortgage because duplexes are essentially two homes attached together, so one person rents out their unit while the other pays rent. The tenancy is typically short-term and the tenant will move out when they find something more permanent, so it’s easy to find staff replacements if needed. Saint Cloud Duplexes have many benefits including being flexible with lease lengths, even offering monthly rentals if desired, and being able to have pets!

Saint Cloud Commercial Properties For Sale

Saint Cloud Commercial Properties For Sale are a great way to invest in Saint Cloud MN. Families, individuals, and businesses all have different reasons for purchasing commercial property in Saint Cloud MN. Whether it be to fulfill a need for office space or storage units, or simply because they feel the market is going up, investing in commercial properties in Saint Cloud MN can provide a good return on investment. With an increasing population and thriving economy, investing in one of these houses for sale may be an excellent opportunity for those looking to get into the market.

Saint Cloud History

Saint Cloud, MN is a city situated in the central region of Minnesota. Saint Cloud has many houses for sale near it and if you’re looking to relocate there, you’ll be in good company. Saint Cloud is home to one of the five largest colleges in Minnesota, St. Cloud State University which offers an assortment of undergraduate and graduate level degree programs with a wide range of concentrations including education, nursing, business management/marketing administration, mathematics/engineering technology and social sciences. Saint Cloud MN Saint Cloud is a city in the U.S. state of Minnesota, and the county seat of Saint Cloud County. The population was 66,002 at the 2010 census, making it the tenth-largest city in Minnesota and fifth-largest city in Central Minnesota. In 2015, Saint Cloud ranked 35th on Money Magazine’s list of “Best Places to Live”. The Central Park Square Historic District is a historic district which includes some of downtown Saint Cloud’s historic buildings. The district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 for its significance as an example of urban development during 1890-1930 and because social conditions documented by archaeological artifacts found there reflect economic prosperity occurring during that period.[2] It is also significant as one of two central business districts which developed within Stearns County between 1869 and 1920,[8] with commercial businesses operating from approximately 1880 until 1930 when most buildings were lost to fire or demolition.[3] One notable resident was Herbert Henry Dow who lived here with his family from 1892 until 1901 when he left for Midland, Michigan to found Dow Chemical Company. His father owned a drug store nearby on Third Street North where Dow worked after school as a soda jerk before he became an apprentice printer

Saint Cloud Night Life

The Saint Cloud area offers a great place to live. The scenic views and the scenery of the lakes and rivers make living here very attractive. You will find everything you need in this city, from hotels to restaurants. It is a great place for anyone who is looking for peace and quiet but still wants to be close enough to larger cities like Minneapolis or St. Paul if they want nightlife, shopping or entertainment. [Provision Error #28.1 – This Showcase IDX website license is currently active in another WordPress install.] [Provision Error #28.1 – This Showcase IDX website license is currently active in another WordPress install.]