Homes For Sale In Clear Lake MN

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Clear Lake SNA has the distinction of being the first land parcel acquired under the state’s Wild and Scenic Rivers Program. The SNA features .65 miles of shoreline on the east side of the Mississippi River, near its confluence with the Clearwater River in Sherburne County.

The 55-mile stretch of the Mississippi from St. Cloud to Anoka was designated as a Minnesota Wild and Scenic River in 1973 to “preserve and protect the river’s outstanding scenic, recreational, natural, historical and scientific values.” This island-dotted section of the river features a broad valley flanked by 50-100 foot bluffs, with large expanses still forested and undeveloped. The SNA makes an important contribution to the ecological integrity of the river corridor here.

Visitors can expect to encounter steep topography. On the SNA’s extreme northern end, the forested bluff drops abruptly to the river’s edge. From this point, a prominent ridge line angles inland to the south and east, and the land along the river levels out into a terrace.

Oak woodland dominates the SNA, with a canopy of northern red oak, northern pin oak, and white oak with lesser amounts of bur oak and red maple. This is complemented by southern terrace forest nearest the river, where species such as American elm, boxelder, silver maple, green ash, hackberry and basswood are subjected to occasional flooding. A small (half-acre) sedge meadow along the southern boundary continues onto adjacent land.

Rare species documented here include a small population of Hill’s thistle and butternut—a tree once relatively common but largely eliminated in the state’s forests due to a widespread lethal fungus that attacks the cambium, or growing layer, of the tree just inside the bark.

This SNA is included on the map produced for this section of the Mississippi State Water Trail which offers interesting background information and the regional context for this site.

If you have been searching for real estate in Clear Lake, Minnesota then this article will help you. The town of Clear Lake is located in Clearwater County, Minnesota. It is the county seat of Clearwater County. It is the third largest city in the state of Minnesota. It has a population of approximately 5,337 residents. The city is bordered by the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The city was incorporated in 1869.

There are several different types of homes for sale in Clear Lake, Minnesota. There are many different types of properties to choose from including lakefront homes, lake side homes, and custom built homes. The most popular type of home is the lakefront property. These homes are usually very expensive because they are so close to the lake. They are also very private because there is no other house around them. Many of these homes are in prime locations. This means that they are close to the lake, but not right on the water.

If you want to be close to the water but still have some privacy then you can look into lake side homes. These homes are also close to the lake, but they are not as private as lakefront homes. Custom built homes are also available in Clear Lake, Minnesota. These homes are made specifically for each individual buyer. You can build your dream home in this area. The cost of building a custom home is much lower than a lake front or lake side home. This is because the builders do not have to worry about neighbors or the lake.

Clear Lake, Minnesota is known for its entertainment. There are several different places to go to in Clear Lake, Minnesota. One of the most popular places is the Clear Lake Township Park. This park offers swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, camping, and more. It also offers a nature center. There are also several restaurants, shops, and museums in the area. .

The schools in Clear Lake, Minnesota are very good. There are several different public schools in the area. There are also several private schools. The public schools in Clear Lake, Minnesota include Clear Lake High School, Clear Lake Middle School, and Clear Lake Elementary School. The private schools include Clear Lake Christian Academy, St. Mary’s Catholic School, and St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School.