...The septic system consists of the septic tank, the distribution box, and the leach field. This is the actual septic tank. It’S a precast, concrete structure that a crane actually lifts into position, and this particular one is probably 750 to maybe 1,000-gallon capacity And what happens?

The waste water right out of the house comes directly into this tank.

It’S got these lids that allow you to inspect the inside of the tank and they also serve a very important purpose. Every three or four years. You need to have a company come that actually puts a pipe down in here and they pump out all of the solids that collect inside the septic tank.

This is the distribution box. What it does is the waste water from the septic tank comes through. This pipe goes into this little box and it goes out to the leach field through these four different pipes. This is the leach field and it looks a little weird because of all this concrete

It’s not really a normal one Check out. What’S behind me that roadway! Well, you know what This leach field is going to be under near the road that leads to the house, that’s under construction. What happens in the leach field is that the water comes through that distribution box.

How does a Septic System work?

It goes out into those four pipes and feeds into this leach field. The leach field consists of about a foot thick layer of sand and the waste water percolates down through that sand.

It gets cleansed of all the bacteria and pathogens and then it can flow back into the water table. It’S that simple! That’S how septic systems work!

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