HUD Homes for Sale in Anoka County


How do we find if there are any HUD homes for sale in our area? So we’re going to go up to this search bar.

We’re will type in and hit Enter. Of course you can always Google HUD homes and it’ll take you to that website. So this is what you are going to see when you are looking at the home, HUD home website And there is a pretty intelligent map here you can use, or you can go down here and you can put your state in and your county.

And if you have a specific house that you’re looking for, you would put in the address. But if you don’t and you’re just looking for that area, I’m looking for the whole county of Anoka County in Maryland. I’m going to hit search. Unfortunately, there are no homes for sale at this point in time in Anoka County.

So let’s try Blaine and see what we have in Blaine.

All right, so we have a few here, is only three in Blaine.

HUD Foreclosures: COVID Has Slowed Things Down

As you can tell COVID has slowed things down with the foreclosures, which is a great benefit to a lot of homeowners who are struggling. Now, I’m gong to show you here, if you go back to that main screen and you just want to use that interactive map, you choose the state you want to go to. Again, I’m going to choose Maple Grove MN just because that is my area.

So it’s pulling up everything in the state of Maryland, and then you can go through and you can filter through the areas that you’re looking to purchase in. So we have some in Wright County, we have some in Anoka County, Isanti, Sherburne County. These are all of the homes that are currently available for offers.

If you think there is a HUD home and you do not see it on this list, that means it is not available for offers, either it’s not on the market or they have accepted an offer. So if it’s not here, it’s not available guys. So don’t waste your gas going out to look at a property that’s not available to you.

Homes for sale in HUD foreclosures

Let’s break this down here. This gray section here at the top is how you can control the search. You can list view it, which is what you’re looking at right now.

I prefer the list view myself. You can save this search if you are logged in, you can email this search if you would like to share it, you can also view it on a map and it’ll show you the locations on the map of where those homes are in that state.

Below that is the blue line, and that’s what we’re looking at for the individual properties. We’ve got the property case number, we have the address, price, status, how many bedrooms, how many baths, the listing period, when the bid opens and the details about the property.

You can sort some of these if you see the little arrow on there. If you know you’re looking for a specific property case number, you can click on that and it’ll put it in numeric order, low to high, high to low. So you can hit it a second time to go the opposite direction.

HUD Foreclosures: Properties Available to All Bidders

Then of course, if you want to search by your price, if you want to search by how many bedrooms, if there’s a little arrow next to it, you have the ability to click on it and it’ll put it in the order of up or down. So if it’s got one, you click at once, it’ll have one bathroom.

If you click it a second time, it takes you to 2 bathrooms. I’m not exactly sure how one has a 1 bathroom. It’s usually a half.

So the listing period, it says it’s exclusive, meaning exclusive means owner occupants, non-profits and government agencies only. That means it’s not been on the market long enough for an investor. Extended, however, is open to all bidders.

So again, exclusive is for owner occupants, nonprofits and government agencies only. Extended is for everyone. Let’s see what’s under each column underneath here. You can see the property in the little clip that they have, the tiny little picture of the home.

Listing Brokers Get Guaranteed Commission on Hud Foreclosures

You can see the case number that they have assigned to the properties and the addresses of the properties, along with the list price that it’s currently at.

And then we have status. This is where it’s going to notate this is a brand new listing. Or if you look at this one here, it’s only $13,000.This little icon here is important to real estate agents because it points out that on this particular property, there is a minimum commission of $1,000.

So just because this one is listed for $13,000, they’re letting you know that the commission is not based off the sales price like it traditionally is. They are guaranteeing the buyer broker and the listing broker $1,000 each in commission.

Under the details column, there are items you can click on. You can view the actual street that the house is located on. If it is in Google maps, it’s going to be there.You can look at the property street, which is pretty cool.

HUD Homes for Sale

So you can see, get an idea of what the neighborhood looks like, and you can pull it up on their map and you can email that information to yourself or someone else that you would like to share the house with.

Now, remember when we were able to save the search up here, over here, if you find a specific property that you want to save, you would click on the save button over here.

Now, remember you have to be logged in, in order to take advantage of these save options. And your name would show at the top right corner up here, where you have logged in. And below, there are the links to other resources that they have available to you for information.

So that’s the basic information on how to find a property that HUD homes has. And they’re all, again, everything that HUD homes has available for purchase is going to be on their website. It’s the Hopefully that gives you a little insight on how the HUD home store website works.

HUD Foreclosure FAQ: What Are My Rights?

If you

If you have more questions about how HUD works.

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