Lake Minnetonka Foreclosures

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Minnesota foreclosed homes for sale are a great option for buyers who are looking to get an unusually low-priced property. Foreclosed properties tend to be priced below market value, and can usually be obtained with a relatively easy loan process. Minnesota Foreclosed Homes For Sale: Buying A Low Priced Property


What you need to know and understand when you buy a bank-owned home and some tips to give you, so you don’t get hurt or taken to the bank when buying a bank-owned home.

So that’s what If you’re, like a lot of people, you’re looking at bank owned homes for sale, because you think they’re be cheap, you think they’ll be a good thing to buy, and you know that may have been true in the past.

It’S not as true now so let me just go over how the process works in with banks, because a lot of times people think they work very similar as a short sale and that’s not the case short sales or train wreck they’re they’re horrible bank owned property. It’s not as bad because when a bank takes the home back and it’s actually been foreclosed on, so it’s not a foreclosure, it’s been foreclosed, it’s a bank owned.

Then they could even bring people out there like a roofer or other people electrician. If there’s something wrong with the home to take a look at it, so they really know what they’re dealing with now. The one thing about bank owns they’re, not about disclosure they.

Basically, even though the law, the Lake Minnetonka law, not an attorney, you will want to get legal advice, but the world law states that, if there’s something that would affect the value of the property, this owner, which would be at the bank or whomever, has to disclose that either. In writing or verbally and if the owner doesn’t want to do it, the realtor does, but unfortunately the real orders.

Bread is buttered by the bank and a lot of Realtors. Don’T care about disclosure. In this case. I know it’s sad but true, so you want to definitely get your ducks in a row if you’re thinking about buying a bank owned property, but let me just sort of walk through the process. You, like a bank owned home, you make an offer on it.

It’S usually going to take the bank about two to five days to come back and either agree to your offer or give you a counteroffer one thing you have to understand: when you buy a bank owned home, these are not individuals who own the home. This is a corporation: yes, they want to get the home off their books and a lot of times the the asset manager or the person who’s. The who’s handling the bank drop. The property for the bank is paid bonuses to sell it within 30 days, but yeah. One thing you have to keep in mind in we right now are in a seller’s market, so this is important.


A lot of these bank owned properties are overpriced. I know it sounds weird because, when you think of a bank owned home, you think good deal, but that’s not always the case. So have your real estate agent or have whomever if you have a real estate agent, do a market analysis make sure it’s worth it.

You’ll probably know by looking at other homes, so let’s say it is you make an offer on it? It’S going to take them a couple days to get back to you and then what they’re going to do is once they agree, and you have everything squared away as far as verbally they’re going to ask you to deposit the earnest money or some states call it Hand money into the with the title company or the attorney now in Lake Minnetonka.

Thank goodness, a lot of them aren’t using two attorneys anymore, because it’s just so much easier with title companies and they don’t take advantage of you with all these crazy fees. So that’s the good thing so they’ll go ahead and consider it sold.

It won’t be changed in the MLS until they actually have an executed contract, but they’re not going to take another offer and kick you to the curb once they say it’s done. The agents supposed to – and they pretty much always do this – we’ll just tell potential buyers, I’m sorry, but it already has an offer on it. You could submit a backup if you will and then usually what will happened about a week after that some cases it could be two weeks.

You’Ll get everything in writing, but you’re going to be expected to put down your earnest money and do all your inspections and the bank usually tightens up those inspections. So, where are state contract in Lake Minnetonka states 15 days for inspections, they could tighten it up to ten or seven. Most of the banks are ten. Some of them are actually seven days for an inspection. The one difference between the SPAAR contracts with a bank opposed to an individual seller is with an individual seller.

It’S announces contract, but now they have wiggle room. If there’s something wrong with a home, they’ll generally fix it, banks not the case. They don’t want to fix anything now. There are some cases where they will get it fixed if it’s going to be a problem with the lender on closing so you know, if there’s say an issue with the roof, maybe there’s a roof issue.

There’S a little league yeah. They may go out and fix that because they know they’ll not be, they won’t be able to sell it to a buyer and get the most amount of money. But then some banks don’t care, though they’ll know, there’s a roof leak. They won’t, they disclose it. There’S a roof leak.

Their agent won’t disclose. If there’s a roof leak, you can’t tell there’s a roof leak. Then your inspector goes out. There finds a roof leak. You just spent money for an inspection.

You order the appraisal and boom. You know you can’t get the home because there’s an active roof leak in the building. That paint won’t fix it. So there is a certain amount of liability with banks, but overall again they’re nothing like short sales. I don’t think they’re as good as dealing what they’re with the regular individual who’s selling their homes, because I’ve always said with banks.

You take out all common sense, all logic and you’re left with a bank and unfortunately that’s the way it is. But there are some that are good deals, because at the end of the day, they don’t really do any advertising. Some of them will fix the home up, and some of them will just leave it the way it is and they’re like hey. You know what we just want to sell it. We don’t want anything to do with.

It is the price – and you know you’re will get the home, but don’t be fooled these days in the seller’s market by thinking, banks are all given away great deals, because that isn’t necessarily the case at least not in our market. I see banks that are continually doing price drops out there, so do your due diligence get a real estate agent that knows and understands and most importantly, that his sold bank owned properties, if not dozens of bank owned homes.

So, though, understand the whole process a little bit better now I’ll, let you know one important tip – and this is a money tip here – so pay attention to this. With almost all banks out there, they will pay the owners title policy which is sort of normal on a pre-owned town, but they are not going to pay the docs stamps. So you need to budget that in there.

If, for those of you that are outside of Lake Minnetonka, you probably call them intangible taxes, so in the state of Lake Minnetonka you better budget, seven dollars per thousand for the stamps.

So just understand that if you have a realtor that doesn’t understand bank owned properties, they’re not going to know to ask these questions. I always when working with a bank always ask these questions upfront to confirm they’re, going to pay the owners title policy which in Lake Minnetonka is five dollars per thousand plus seventy five dollars and that their and, if they’re, paying the doc stamps because they pretty much will Always pay the title insurance, but not the doc stamps.

I wish you the best of luck. Have a wonderful day you

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