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Blaine MN

Blaine, is one of our main metro suburbs, straight north of Minneapolis and St paul.

It’s only about 15 minutes up from Minneapolis, so it can be a great spot if you’reΒ  commuting downtown to work.

Blaine‘s a great area because of its size comes to a really wide range of price points of homes from very entry-level town homes.

Up toΒ  higher-end, custom, build properties as well. There`s also a lot of nice parks in the area, so we’ve got aquaculture park . This is home to the big Blaine festival that they do every year.

There`s a big carnival and a bunch of cool things going on here.

They do a huge firework show in Blaine as well, and then different dog parks and trails as well.

There’s plenty of things to do in Blaine, it has a quite a bit of shopping. there are 3 different shopping areas : North town and Riverdale and then all along HWY 65, so pretty much wherever you’re at in the city, plenty of shopping and restaurants.

Β One of the big claims to fame for Blaine is the national sports center.

It’s the largest amateur sports facility, actually in the world they host the USA target cup here, which is a major soccer tournament and there are just all kinds.

There are fields outside there’s the hockey arena inside basketball, soccer volleyball. All the different things are happening here and one other thing.

They host a big fireworks showΒ  in Blaine every year right at the sports center, something that’s cool about the lakes area is when they built it out.

They put in a whole bunch of man-made lakes. So a lot of the properties in this area are lakefront, so you can go canoeing right out your back door and another cool thing. A Sand white beach right in there as well?

So it’s got cool white sand, beach, a splash pad playground viable and that’s a lot of cool stuff to do right in your neighborhood. So In Blaine now it is all over the map for price points. If you’re over on the west side of town you’re going to see older homes more like in the 1960s and 1970s that’ll be more affordable, so right now as we stand the lakes, which was one of the cool most prominent developments in Blaine which was built up in the 2000s

They put in a ton of single families and townhouses, so this is a really good spot. If you’re looking for a town home, those are going to start usually around the mid $200s. For a single-family, they’ll start you in about the $350s or so, and then depending on which neighborhood in the lakes you’re in they can go.

You know up around the six and seven hundred thousand dollar range as well. If you’re looking for something a little bit more executive or custom, you can come up to the wagon ranch neighborhood. This is a new development at the back of kind of north of the lakes here, a little more executive.

These homes are in about the $750K price range of new construction, and it’s got a pool and a clubhouse in the association

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