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 5 Tips for Downsizing In Minnesota


Do you have too much stuff in your house and garage, or are your kids heading to college, maybe you just want a simpler way to live.

In today’s post, I am going to talk about a 5-step strategy for downsizing your home. Hello I’m Brad Van Mill, a local Realtor with Fish MLS Realty In Minnesota.

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In our bigger-is-better culture, there is an expectation that each home should be larger and grander than the last, but life changes and unfortunately things like death, divorce, retirement or kids leaving for college can prompt us to find a smaller home that better suits are shifting needs and lifestyle.


In fact, there are definitely some advantages of downsizing. I think we can have some appreciation that downsizing and living more simply are benefits that offer more time for other things you enjoy.


There is no doubt downsizing can actually be extremely overwhelming. In this post, I hope to help you with the idea of Less is More and maybe at the end of the post, you will have more comfort, more security, and more time and energy, once you downsize for the people and things that you love in your life.

Here are 5 downsizing success tips:


Step #1: Determine your goals and limitations.


Just like with any big project, you must ask yourself, why do you need to downsize? What is the ultimate goal?


The first step is to figure out, what you want in this new living environment, do you want to live closer to family, are you hoping to cut down on home maintenance, are you looking to move outside of your neighborhood or move out of your current state, whatever your reasons are, you really need to define your goals.


You should consider some of those limitations too, that might impact your new home, things like stairs or even a pool.



People always talk about stairs, maybe you want a first-floor master bedroom, would you consider a home project for remodeling? Do you want to find something move-in-ready?


All of those things come into play, when you are thinking about your next home, and then ask yourself, how long do you think you might live in your next house?


Is this going to be 5 years, 10 years or is this the last house, you think you might want to purchase?


Whatever it is, you need to really think about your wish list, and put together a list of your priorities and rank them.



If you need some help with this and maybe some ideas about what’s available to you, we can have a consultation.


We can look at how much your house is worth right now, as well as a realistic budget, which brings me to



Step #2.


Looking for your perfect home with your wish list along with a local area Realtor to help you understand the market conditions, and what your needs and interests are to determine which neighborhoods might be the best fit based on those needs and interests.


The Minneapolis area has everything from single family homes, townhomes, condos, golf course homes, mountain view homes, horse communities, dog parks, things for every stage of life along with some of the world renown medical facilities.


If you are not familiar with the Minneapolis and Phoenix neighborhoods, download your FREE Minneapolis Relocation Guide, it’s full of great information on neighborhoods, entertainment, medical faculties and the great outdoor lifestyle that Minneapolis has to offer.


Downsizing Home | Tips on How to Prepare for Downsizing and Moving by Minneapolis Realtor Carol Bloom


Step # 3: Sell your current home.


If you are ready to sell your current home, most sellers need to sell their current house before buying the next one. If you are wondering how to Sell Your House While Buying Another, you might want to watch that post next on my channel.


It will help you to determine what needs to happen to get your house on the market for you to get top dollar from a buyer. Download your FREE Guide on Steps in Preparing and Listing Your House For Sale in the link below.

Step #4: Sort and Pack your belongings.


Even before you find a new home, you can begin preparing for your move to a smaller home, which means, less space for your furniture and all your other possessions.


You will need to decide, what to keep, and what to sell, or donate by sorting through an entire house full of belongings will take some time, so begin as early as possible.


Do not wait for this step, if you haven’t moved in the last 10 years, you will need to start this today, maybe even yesterday.


These possessions can be extremely emotional at times; you may want to start with an unemotional space like the laundry room or the powder room, then work your way up to a larger room with clothes, toys, books, eliminating duplicates and things that you don’t use on a regular basis.


Sentimental items, family heirlooms things are really hard at times, think about some of the people or an organization that may enjoy these special items.


While sorting through your stuff make sure you keep your goals in mind, so if your goal is to have a more simple, clean, less maintenance type of home, make sure you are eliminating some of those tchotchke kind of knick-knacks things, but have some patience with yourself as well.


Sometimes it can be hard to say goodbye to some of those sentimental items and then making all of these decisions.

If you are helping someone with this process, they may want to tell you a story about the item before they say goodbye just have some patience.


Step #5: Get help when you need it.

The reason why you are moving or downsizing, it could be a major life change or just because you are done with a certain stage of your life.


Ask for help, it can be overwhelming seeking out some help from your family or your friends, a professional mover can help you sort and pack. The big question is, are you living your best life, is your current situation no longer suiting your needs, or maybe it’s just time to consider a change. I’d love to help you explore those options. IS now the right time for you to Sell your house?



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