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I’m going to go over a question that a lot of people are asking and that’s where are all the “new construction homes near me”.

So if you’re looking at buying a new home and you want to find where the new homes near you are, I’m going to go over three ways to do that in this Article.

Now I’ve been in the business for over 20 years I’ve worked with about every builder out there and the one thing when it comes to builders, they are not very good at marketing. They’re not very good at advertising.

They sort of have the mentality like we’re gonna build our homes and if we build them, people are just going to magically find them and they’re going to be so great everybody’s going to want to buy them.

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That isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes it’s pretty tricky to find where the new constructions homes near are. So let’s start off with the third way.

The third way is to go to a third-party website.

When I say third-party websites, I mean websites like, Zillow, real estate agent websites, brokerage websites…

Now, the problem with these is you’re only getting information that’s actually in the mls and a lot of builders don’t advertiser homes in the Multiple Listing Service at all and the ones that do they only advertise some of them.

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So it’s not really the best way and the reason why is because my mls, like a lot of mls‘s out there, they just want to make sure the builders are very transparent. So there’s a lot of rules that govern what builders can do and what they can’t do when putting their homes on the mls.

So you’re not really going to find a high amount of homes on the mls, if that’s your way of looking. So the second way would be go to a builder’s website.

Now the problem with this is you have to know the builders that are building in certain areas and there’s a lot of builders out there, especially if you live in an area like I do, Minnesota, there’s builders everywhere and you might not know.

You might want to go look at a builder say pulte, but you don’t know they’re building in this area or maybe you want to go over look at KHov or a builder like that, over here and you don’t know where they are.

New Construction Near Big Lake MN

So that can be challenging. The other problem with that is they don’t always keep their websites really updated.

The other day I was talking to a representative with Lennar and I said it’s showing you guys still have homes in the subdivision and your website is still up and running, but you’re completely out of lots. You guys have already sold your model home.

You’ve already moved out. Why do you still have your website up and she said well, what it is, until we actually sell our last home ,when it’s actually closed, we keep our website up.

And I know why the builders are like this.So I’m sure there’s people who are going on their website they’re looking. They’re running out there then they’re trying to find the model and the model doesn’t exist anymore.

So you have to take sometimes what builders do and the Lennar is one of the better builders when it comes to a website and marketing.

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But again they’re not really the most accurate. So let’s go to the #1 way, really the number one way if you’re looking for a new home near you is to get real estate agent and I don’t mean just a real estate agent.

I mean a real estate agent that knows new home builders. That deals with new homes, that knows what’s going on.

Now I’m not going to say a real estate agent is going to know everything because homes are being built all the time, but they’re going to have a really good idea which builders are building in different areas.

They can have an idea who the good builders are, who the not-so-good builders are, who you might want to go with, who you might want to stay away from… So they’re going to have a lot of inside knowledge.

New Construction Near Dayton MN

But again, it’s going to have to be someone who knows what they’re doing then it’s going to have to be someone who knows and works a lot with new construction, that’s out there all the time.

Not just any real estate agent. Because if you get just any real estate agent they’re going to probably do what you’re doing. They’re going to probably go and look and they they may be looking on the mls where maybe you’re looking; On

But they’re not going to find a lot out there. So that’s really the best way.

Find a real estate agent in your market that’s very familiar with new homes. Now I’ve done other videos I would recommend watching them. Everything you need to know about new construction and buying a new home.

The one thing I tell everybody use a real estate agent. Work with someone who knows what they’re doing. They’re going to probably save you a lot of time, a lot of money, a lot of headaches.

They’re going to be able to guide you through the process and the beauty is it doesn’t cost you anything. The money is already in the builder’s marketing budget whether you work with a real estate agent or whether you don’t.

So no matter what area you’re in in the country make sure you get a real estate agent. If you need help finding one in your area reach out to me I’d be more than happy to help.

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