Top 3 warnings when buying a rural property

A lot of people for a long time have wanted to escape city life and find a piece of Rural property in the country and with Covid-19.

Just that sense of being away from people having your own space also having some land for your kids to run around and play in the rural area or maybe have a nice big garden vegetable plot and also you know chickens and horses and things like that and just really getting back to a bit of a simpler way of life. Especially if you come from living in the city.


Note theres a Private well water and Septic system you may or may not have access to natural gas for your property so all of those three things considered really just mean that your heating cooling and plumbing systems are going to be very different than what you’re used to in the city.


What you want to make sure that you’re working with someone who can explain the importance of those changes and what to look out for and how you’re gong to need to make an offer look a little differently when it comes to getting some clauses and protection around those items.

The second thing I would caution you to be aware of is the zoning of the property if you are specifically looking at Rural property because you want to have you know ten chickens or a horse or a couple of goats or something like that just because the property is in the country it doesn’t mean that the zoning is compliant.

With agricultural use like having horses and chickens and things like that so you want to make sure that the zoning is compliant with what you want to do with that property the last thing that I’ll caution you about because it’s typically the way that more residential properties become available in the country.

Those properties if they haven’t been sold in the past are being severed from larger pieces of agricultural land so it for example there’s a house and there’s a nice piece of property.

But it’s surrounded by farmer’s fields maybe ten acres maybe fifty acres and that house is for sale pending severance meaning that a small piece of that land may be one acre or two acres or three acres are being sort of carved out from that greater agricultural plot.


So the caution with that is make sure you understand what the use of the surrounding land is if there are any other plans to turn that property for example into other building Lots because if you’re buying that country lifestyle.

I think you’d agree you’d be pretty upset to find out that you’re going to have five or six houses essentially right next door to yours so those would be my top three things to look out for rural properties in themselves carry a bunch of different questions I think are important to ask those are the top three if you have any other questions feel free to reach out.


As you wont have city water anymore and well water can be hard and have lots of scale make sure to get the water tested and pump at the well by a certified inspector.

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