Traditional Home Selling Options to Consider

Traditional Home Selling Options to Consider How to Automate Your Home Selling Business with Traditional Options Traditional Home Selling. Options I think we can all agree that options to home sellers are crucial, especially in today’s day and age, and some of those most popular options are the most basic ones. Different listing percentages or different flat fees, The Van Mill home selling platform gives you the ability to create multiple traditional selling options, such as flat fees or different percentages, to fit your business.

Now, here’s the key thing about Van Mills selling options. These are not forms that a consumer fills out. This is a fully automated experience, so you can offer aggressive, attractive options and have the consumer drive and automate your entire business. You can choose up to three different options and then you simply type in your variables.

Traditional Home Selling Options: Full Service, Two Percent, and Flat Fee

So in this sample I`m offering a one percent, full service, a two percent full service and then a Twenty Five Hundred dollar flat fee. Now, once you drop in your options check this out, you actually get to control your site and what it looks like with these options: Okay, so once you set up your options check this out, this is the home selling platform that you just created notice. We focus on sellers, we have a clear call to action and we deliver your options that you created.


Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Let me show you how automated these options are. So, as a consumer, I’m going to get started from the address bar okay, I’m going to enter in an address here. Let’s go to Lake avenue, Lake avenue in Minneapolis, okay and we’re going to start by getting the home value. The home seller always starts by getting a value and pay attention to a couple of things that are crucial here notice. We did not stop and ask that seller for their information, their social media credentials.

Selling Options for Traditional Home Sellers

We literally gave them exactly what they were looking for. This is crucial because it eliminates bounce points. Okay, so not only do we focus on the seller, we give them what they want when they want it with no bounce points. Now it delivers your selling options that you created and by the way, one more quick thing.

Not only do we give them the data on their property, we also show them all of the details behind the data. Okay, we are a multiple API powered platform and it is crucial to show them where you’re getting that data from so everything we do is completely transparent. Now, back to the traditional options, let’s say that as a home seller, I’m interested in your one percent, or maybe your flat fee listing right. I’m just going to hit continue on the one percent strategy and let me show you how automated this process is. Okay, so we immediately bring the seller into an environment where they can adjusting the value of their property.

Take control of your home selling value with our automated selling options

Okay, they get to adjust the value based on their landscaping, pool interior exterior right. We give them control of their value because crucial point number two here anytime, you give sellers a static value. So we started with focusing on the seller. We delivered your automated traditional selling options. We allow sellers to take control of their value and now watch this.


This seller is going to start providing you the agent all of the detail. You need to list market and sell that house. Okay, so we’re going to confirm our address as a home seller and now as a home seller, I’m going to begin to answer some very simple, information on my property. Okay, so we’ve got parking. We got pool I’m not going to go through all this on a quick little show-and-tell here, but as a seller, I literally get to create my bedroom’s bath property details, features amenities, upload my photos, literally I’m giving you everything you need to list and market my house.

How an Automation Platform Allows Sellers to Drive Their Business

When I’m selecting one of your traditional options, but let me show you how the automation works. This is your console that manages every property every status, every seller every offer. Every document on one screen, your agent console within Van Mills selling Platform, is very powerful and allows you to sell your home.


Not only does it automate your business, but it tracks where the consumer is so now. You can engage them right and guide them through the process if they need help, but the most crucial thing here is: you were able to create very attractive. Traditional selling options, such as different percentages or different flat fees, and allow the seller to be the driving force behind your business so as they engage regardless of their location as they engage with your platform, pick an option.

How Automation Can Help You Sell More Properties Quicker

It automates the seller journey and that property automatically shows up on your side, with all of the details that the seller has given you.So that is how you automate your business using traditional options, your Selling platform is also nationwide, so imagine creating very attractive traditional options.

Not only in your local region, but your state and maybe multiple states, you can now grow and scale your listing business by using automation, traditional options, we’ll talk to you soon Read More Van Mill, Real Estates, Home Selling Platform,

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