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Want To Buy a House In 2022?

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Want To Buy a House In 2022?

Let’s talk about the number one most important thing: you can do right now right now in order to meet that goal of getting a house in 2022. Okay, now you may think I’m going to say save money, get higher credit get a new job.

Do this now to buy in 2022


We see people structuring what they think will make a good loan, but they’re not lenders, so they don’t know what we’re going to go for. So what they’ve done a lot of times, they’ve done unnecessary steps and sometimes they’ve hurt themselves. You know We’ve had people that are like well, I’m going to pay off my car. First wait: wait!

Wait to pay off your car

It closes the trade line depending on your credit history that can drop your score. People don’t realize that niche stuff or they’re like um, you know oh well, I won’t file my taxes and then you won’t see the loss. They`ll ask for a profit on the sale. So, there’s a lot of different stuff that as a lender, are looking for for red flags so that they can help put you on the right plan.

I agree with this plan that you have

Let a professional, actually validate your plan. It’s worth it, and i say that because I hit so many people where I’m like okay, like they they need to, they need to move in 30 days because their lease is up and they don’t qualify and there’s stuff. They could have done so if they would qualify. But they didn’t know and that’s okay and that’s normal. You guys aren’t supposed to know everything.

How to buy a house in 2022

Get with a lender and get a plan. You tell me where you at I’ll tell you where I’m looking at that from a lender and then we’ll just say: do this this and this or we’ll say: oh, my god, you’re magical you want to buy now. So I hope this read and has been helpful.

I cannot stress it enough, get a plan fast if your goal is to buy in 2022 nail out the plan now, especially before you file taxes.

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