What month to sell your home?

Have you considered selling your home and wondered what is the best time of year to sell a house ?

What month to sell your home? or what is the worst month to sell a house the answer is actually quite simple the best time or month to sell house is whenever it is right for your individual circumstances and goals houses sell all year long.

We do typically have a real estate cycle with peaks and valleys but most areas in Anoka and Sherburne county are pretty much sold out and have been for the past few years right now we have very very little inventory and the houses that come on sell very quickly as we progress through the fall and winter


The unsold inventory levels will continue to drop we will get some new inventory on the market but it is usually not the time frame where we see a lot of inventory coming on these low inventory situations.

With strong buyer demand due to very low interest rates create multiple offers and a quick response market the buyers that are out buying during the fall and winter are serious buyers who usually have to move take a look at this chart this is our typical real estate cycle in Minnesota with covid our cycle shifted.

A little bit to the right this year and our peak happened a little bit later but our market is still really strong and is expected to stay strong through next year we typically have lower inventory in the fall and winter which is definitely the case right now across all price ranges we started to get more inventory.

Starting in late February and it continues to climb and usually peaks where we have the most amount of inventory on the market and houses for sale in June most people strive to get their homes listed in the spring and summer when our weather is better and their yards look nicer the number of listings start to taper off.

Near the end of summer and they get to their lowest amount in the late fall and early winter and then we start all over again this cycle is also similar for buying patterns but oftentimes we have more buyers than houses or that has been the case in the last few years so what does this mean for you as a seller.

In the fall and winter you have less competition in the springtime you’re going to have more houses similar to yours on the market so buyers will have more to choose from and more competition for your house check out my video on sellers closing costs so you can get an idea of the cost to sell a house we are seeing our highest prices and our lowest interest rates right now.

If you’re considering selling give me a call we can create the best strategy for you to reach your goals there’s also a form in the comments below that you can fill out if that’s easier for you thank you so much for Reading and have a great day you.

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